Battle Reports & Scenarios

In this section are some battle reports of Ancient battles played by our little Warhammer group in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and at travels abroad.

Asculum (Romans vs. Pyrrhus of Epirus)
Acragas (Sicilian Greeks vs. Carthaginians)
Heraclea (Romans vs. Pyrrhus of Epirus)
Granicus (Alexander's Macedonians vs. the Persians)
Chaeronea (Philip & Alexander's Macedonians vs. the Greeks)
Cynocephalae (Romans vs. Macedonians)
(Caesar's Romans vs. Belgians)
Beneventum (Romans vs. Pyrrhus of Epirus)
Marathon (Greeks vs. Persians)

Trebia (Rome vs. Hannibal)


Magnesia I (Rep. Romans vs. Seleucids with Murphy's Heroes)
II (Rep. Romans vs. Seleucids with La Grande Armée)
Magnesia III (Rep. Romans vs. Seleucids with Crusade)


Carthaginians vs. Barbarians
Carthaginians vs. Pyrrhus of Epirus
Carthaginians vs. Republican Romans
Persians vs. Macedonians

Seleucids vs. Antigonids (WAB successor playtest) (NEW)

A last stand scenario
Siege (Carthaginians vs. Republican Romans)
MEGA Siege
(Barbarians vs. Romans)


Naval Warfare (a game between Romans and Carthaginians using the Corvus rules)


WAB day at Militia Brabantia (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
WAB weekend at Warhammer World
WAB weekend in Paris (Le Kremlin-Bicetre)
WAB weekend in Paris (La Barrière de Clichy)
WAB weekend in Paris (Le Kremlin-Bicetre II)
WAB Tournament in Utrecht (Ducosim Jaarbeurs)
WAB Tournament in Lingolsheim (Strasbourg, France)



These reports are made out of photos (taken during the battle), comments by both players, and maps (to give an impression of the overall flow of the battle).

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