WAB weekend (le Kremlin-Bicêtre)  

Les Secrets de l'Atlantide   (2-3 June 2007)


Dennis Klinkenberg and I entered the French campaign weekend "Figurine et Stratégie under the aegis of FFJH - La Levée en Masse" in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre for the second time. Usually this campaign weekend is on the third weekend of June.



It was a very interesting weekend with at least 75 players in several games, like WAB, DBx and Wild West skirmish games. The 30 WAB players were divided in several time periods, including chariot wars, classical period (the Atlantis campaign) and medieval period. The Classical period had eight players. We all played 4 battles this weekend and a final showdown with all players each with only one unit, just for fun. Dennis played with an AoA successor army (Seleucids), and I entered with a Carthaginian in Italy army. Admission was only 24 euro, including two breakfasts and two lunches.

There were players from France, England and the Netherlands. I can recommend this weekend to everyone, as all players could speak English. And especially for potential players from the Netherlands: Paris is only a 4 or 5 hours drive away from Holland...



Fighting to control Atlantis

There was a bit of fantasy incorporated into the campaign, as each winning unit gained favours from the Gods. This could be an extra armour save for your general, but also a trident from Poseidon, a lucky dice reroll anywhere in the game or some oracle points.

The Carthaginian Celts and Skirmishers


A summery of the battles I played:


Carthaginians against Romans

The Romans (Stéphane) played a refused left flank. All their units, except a barbarian light infantry unit, were within 20 inch from the right edge of the table. A nice tactical decision in which the player could make perfect use of the drilled option of his EIR Romans and the fast march.

Unfortunately he had not reckoned with the Gods. As it turned out, my skirmishers were blessed by extreme luck in guessing distances and ducking, and the managed to stay out of charge range by centimetres, and nearly all javelin throws were misses. This gave me the time to form a trap for the Romans, and dominate the table. A minor win, and first part of Atlantis conquered.


Carthaginian in a civil war

Spanish Scutarii

It is nice to play against someone with an army from the same period (second Punic war in Italy by Jean-Yves) to see what his choices of units were, and what his tactics were. My opponent did not use an elephant or Celtic infantry, but more Italian light infantry and cavalry. The deployment of my elephant restricted the movement of his cavalry very much, negating his advantage in cavalry on the flanks. In the centre, the light Italian infantry, as it turned out, were no match for my trained Africans and  Celtic veterans. They broke and the following panic nearly totally destroyed his centre. Although he managed to rally most of his army, the cohesion of his army was lost, and that finally resulted into defeat.

The Gods gave me the use of 1D6 hits strength 3 for the following games for this victory against my own people (Gods don't care much about the internal dealings of humans).



Carthaginians against Chinese

The appearance of a Chinese army (Thomas) on Atlantis finally proves that Atlantis is situated at the coast of China, and not in the Atlantic ocean, as suggested before.

This was a difficult game. I lost my army standard bearer in the duel before the game started (another vicious idea of the Gods), and playing against an army from another book often is very difficult. The first turns were not going my way at all. But tyche (fortune) was again at my side, when a stampeding elephant came too close to the army general and his retinue, and they fled of the table!

That incident turned a losing game against crossbows and skirmishers with double handed weapons in a chance to win. With regained trust I moved forward. The game ended in a draw.


On Saturday evening we went for a drive through Paris (Montmartre), and ate at a restaurant near the basilique du Sacré Coeur.


Carthaginians against Greeks

The last game was against an AoA Greek army (Eric). This battle was very exciting. Both of us liked the "chess quality" of WAB, and we manoeuvred as if our life depended upon it. The Gods seemed to favour me, and after 5 and a half turns I had the Greeks were I wanted them: completely surrounded, artillery silenced, cavalry shot down to the last man and no oracle points left.

It was my last turn, only three units of hoplites left to destroy, to gain a devastating victory over the Greeks. And I had the charge. It was a chance of exactly one in a million that the Greeks could win this. And as is universally known: chances of one in a million pop up nine times out of ten.....


Very lousy dice rolls. No luck in leadership test. Breaks. Panics. All lost.... 



Sometimes the excitement became too much for some of the umpires. Normally they cooled down after a few minutes...

Conquering the temple

As a "dessert" we played a fun game with all players. Every player could choose one unit and his general. In a circle around the temple of Atlantis we had the same target: to hold the temple at the end of one round. Turns were taken randomly. A destroyed unit could be replaced by another choice from your army. We faced a Seleucid wedge, a Greek hoplite unit, Barded Chinese horse, Thracians, Roman legionnaires and Carthaginian Celts. Outstanding debs were paid off and we had quite a lot of laughs with this funny little endgame.


Dennis Klinkenberg won all of the four battles and the campaign with his Seleucids.






Many thanks to the organisers Jérôme Grebet and Matthieu Batiste, and all others that attended and organised this fantastic gaming weekend!



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