March into Battle  

Engaging the enemy while on march
A scenario for WAB


The idea is actually form Jérôme Grebet from Paris. He enthusiastically told me of this scenario he played and based upon his idea I worked out the following scenario.

The goal is to simulate to armies meeting each other unexpected. As the armies march against each other it is still possible to react to the way the enemy is deploying. 

It is best to use a square table. That way the armies can make the most economical use of the space to form their battle line.

The classical deployment is possible, because in this scenario the skirmishers and cavalry are placed on the table corner before the main force, and they are able to make an extra movement to cover the flanks and shield the main army.



This fase lets the skirmishers and cavalry deploy. It makes it possible for the cavalry to get a good position on the flank, and for the skirmishers to advance in front of the main army and harass the enemy.

  • Elect two opposite corners, where the armies will arrive.

  • First write down the order in which the units were marching on a piece of paper. Begin with the skirmishing units and cavalry. (Note that you must decide if a light infantry unit is in regular formation or in skirmishing formation at that point.)

  • Both players throw dice to see who will start first. The army with the most units gets a minus one penalty on his throw. The player with the highest score may start, but doesn't have to. He also chooses which corner his army will use.

  • The player that starts places one unit in the corner and does one movement  with that unit only. Don't forget to march or even triple march! Than the other player does the same with one unit. Than the first player places one unit again (and moves only that unit), and so on.

  • Both players deploy the skirmishers and cavalry first. The units must be placed on the table in the order they were marching. So seek out the first skirmishing or cavalry unit and place that one first. Than the second skirmishing or cavalry unit on the list, and so on.


In this part of the setup the cavalry and light troops move into better positions and make way for the main army to arrive on the table.

  • After all skirmishers and cavalry units of both players are placed, the first player may do one move with all these units, just like an ordinary movement fase. After that the second player does the same with his units.


The main army (usually the centre) can deploy now. The cavalry and skirmishers having made the way clear for them to arrive.

  • After this initial reconnaissance movement it is time for the main army to arrive. Notice that the light troops now all have arrived and made two moves. They do nothing while the second part of the deployment is done.

  • This is worked out exactly the same as the placement of the previously mentioned units. So the player that started places one unit in the corner and does one movement  with that unit only. Than the other, and so on.

  • Remember to place the units on the table in the order they were marching.

  • Special rules (like a warband rule, or a special ability of the general) that apply to units are worked out at the moment they arrive on the table.


  • After all units are placed the game will commence with the first player doing the "normal" first turn. (Notice that there is no extra 5" movement of skirmishers anymore).

The armies appear on the opposing corners of the table.

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