Militia Brabantia  

 First Militia Brabantia Games Day

(Eindhoven, 11 October 2008)

And then there were Wargames in Eindhoven...

The Miniatures Tabletop Wargames Club "Militia Brabantia" is a new club in Eindhoven. They had their first gaming day at the GameForce location in Eindhoven on the 11th of October 2008.

The club consists of a dozen wargames players (or more) that all live in the neighbourhood of Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant en the Netherlands.

The club is looking for enthusiastic players to enrich their circle of contacts and to play entertaining wargames with. It is specifically the wish of the club to have enjoyable games amongst (new) friends in a friendly environment.

The club plans to have a gaming day every two weeks at the location of GameForce on Saturdays from 12:00 until 18:00 hours.


(A view of the games played.)

The contribution will be 12,50. With this they can buy scenery for their wargaming tables, and do some advertising to attract new players.


"Militia Brabantia" plays at the store of GameForce. The shop GameForce exists since 1999 and is a post order company that specialises in al sorts of board games. It also has a large gaming room. Just look at the pictures to see what I mean.

They are situated in Eindhoven on the "Woenselse markt" on Visserstraat 18a.


(Another view of the GameForce location.)

For more information about their range and opening hours:


What does Militia Brabantia play?

The following Games are played by the members of Militia Brabantia:

(Ancients and Shieldwall, but there are also members with Samurai and WECW.)
-Legends of the Old West and legends of the High Seas
-Flames of War

-Brother vs. Brother


(WAB Shieldwall, Flames of War and Legends of the Old West)

But there were also people playing:
-Urban war (Sci-Fi streetfight)
-War machine

-Crossfire (6mm WOII)

On their first gaming day it became quickly clear that these are not the only games being played. There are at least a dozen projects in the minds of the members of the club, or already in an advanced stage.


WAB Gauls against Hannibal

One of the WAB games played were the Gauls against the army of Hannibal when he was at the outskirts of the Alps. We played a 2500pts game, when Hannibal was still lacking his Celtic and Italian mercenaries.

In the beginning the battle looked like a quick win for the Celts. On the Carthaginian left flank, the Numidian cavalry was caught in their "feigned flight" by the Gallic Cavalry and a Iberian heavy cavalry was overrun by them the next turn. The goddess Fortuna was clearly on the side of the Celts. This was especially noticed by the way the Celtic player threw his dice: a divine source was helping him for sure. No mortal throws such lucky dice!

But Hannibal did not gave up right away. He repositioned his troops and with some clever skirmish movements he was able to hold up the Celtic advance until he managed to redirect his elephant(s) and the Iberian infantry from the loosing battle on the left to try to enforce a breakthrough in the centre and the right flank.

Then the goddess Fortuna changed sides and the Celts suddenly, and without a reason, started loosing on all sides. Soon after the Celts retreated and let Hannibal pass the Alps unharesed.



"Militia Brabantia" is more than happy to get into contact with other wargamers. Do not hesitate to contact us.


To contact "Militia Brabantia" mail:  or visit their homepage:


(A 2500pts Shieldwall game.)


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