The Early Imperial Romans

Early Imperial Roman detachment

I painted these models around 1980 ! They represent Romans from the first or second century AD.

           Hinchliffe imperial Romans

The famous "testudo" formation or tortoise formation. The Romans used this formation to advance against missile troops.

I also use a piece of cardboard (place it on top of the unit) to show that a roman unit is curently in testudo formation. It has the minimal formation depth that is needed to form a testudo (4 wide, 2 deep). A testudo is declared at the beginning of the players turn, and gives a 2+ armour save against missiles, but may not march or charge. Click here to get the picture.

Hinchliffe imperial Romans

Praetorian Guard  and Roman Legionary from Mini Art (1:16)                        

Significar (a resin model 1:32)


The Romans were famous for there marching camps.

Roman Camp



Allies and auxiliaries were often used. The mean reason Julius Caesar managed to concur Gaul was because of Gallic and Germanic allies. Ligurians, Illyrians, Numidians, Spanish, Pergamese troops, etc, they all fought the Romans and allied with them.

Old Glory/Newline/Gripping Beast Spanish infantry

Black Tree  and A&A Celtic warriors

Celtic cavalry (unknown supplier)

Illyrians (Old Glory conversion)
(The pectorale (breast armor), belts and sleeves were taken off.)


Numidians (Old Glory)

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