The army of Syracuse

  The History

Syracuse, as an independent Hellenistic city state played a major part in the history of Sicily. It took part in the Peloponnesian wars, Pyrrhic wars  and the Punic wars. More about Syracuse <here>.

A battle in Sicilia <here>.

I got interested in collecting a Syracusan army by an WAB armylist designed by Eli Arndt.



Hoplite from
Mini Art (1:16)

  The hoplites

To give the Syracusan Hoplites a territorial colour, I decided to mix some standard Greeks with Early Italian models to represent the Italian influence the Syracusan no doubt incorporated into their army.

On this Syracusan coin the typical Italian feathers are clearly visible

I also added some Macedonians from the Alexander period, because their helmets add more external influence yet. Some of these helmets have a Carthaginian feeling to it, but the dress is still very Greek.

Old Glory Greeks combined with Old Glory Early Italians
& Wargames Foundry Macedonians


   The cavalry

Greek Cavalry from Foundry

The Sycacusans would have had cavalry that resembled the Greek cavalry. The example above is very much like the Sycacusan coin below.


Syracuse did use a lot of troops from the Italian mainland.  Campanians for example.

It is very probable that the Syracusan cavalry looked like a mix between typical Greek and typical Italian cavalry.

Italian Cavalry (redoubt)

   The light troops

Greek Light Javelinmen from Wargames Foundry  


   The allies

Oscan cavalry from Navigator

Here some more pictures of the other Italian armies of this period.

Spartans come to the rescue (Foundry)

   The artillery

Syracuse was a technological advanced society. This is nicely worked into WAB by Eli Arndt by the use of artillery.



Hinchcliffe light bolt thrower


Syracusan Armybuilder Files

In November 2004 Allen told on the WABlist that the Syracusan army list by Eli Arndt will also be much the same as the list he provided.

Download Syracusan army list

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