Wargame Rule for Kids  


In the renaissance families like the Medici stood up to seize power. People like Machiavelli wrote books about Utilitarianism and ‘Real-Politik’. Condottieri roamed the Italian landscape searching for fame and fortune. It was a time full of feud and vendettas. Even Shakespeare wrote a piece about love and hate between two families in Verona, the Capulets and the Montagues (better known as Romeo and Juliet). What better time and place to set up a skirmish game?

More information about the rules are at the L'Assassino page.



In the third century BC Rome was growing in power, but Carthage stood in the way. The Carthaginians had controlled the Western Mediterranean for more than a century using a fleet of hundreds of war galleys. By coincidence the Romans captured one of these vessels. And because all parts of the vessel were painstakingly numbered Rome could now build its own fleet. Within 6 months Rome possessed a fleet of 120 war galleys. The war for the Mediterranean could commence...

More information about the rules are at the Navarchus page.

Wargame rules for little kids

When I play at home, my two sons are always peeking at the tabletop warriors. They are just big enough to look over the table. Of course they want to do "like big daddy does". So it is playing WAB for them too. But they are too young to understand all the difficult rules and the difficult dice rolls...

I simplified the game too play with them too from time to time.

  • All units move using little sticks to represent their maximum movement. I got two sort; one for the infantry and one for the cavalry (which is twice as long). They lay down to stick next to the unit and move it up to the length of the stick.
  • All units throw 1 dice. The result is the amount of dead soldiers the enemy has to remove.
  • Cavalry deaths are divided by two and rounded down. So the possibilities are:
    1: 0 casualty
    2: 1 casualty
    3: 1 casualty
    4: 2 casualties
    5: 2 casualties
    6: 3 casualties
    (Make a table of this. They like looking this up.)
  • Elephants. They always want elephants. I wonder why  ;-)  are only death on a 6. They have two lives.
  • Generals are also only removed on a 6.
  • For missile fire you throw with one dice for every model in the front rank. A 6 kills.
  • The kids always win. So you simply have to put more soldiers on their side.


It is a great way to learn them to count and recognize numbers. Have fun!



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